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Building a Campaign against the Replacement of Trident Nuclear Weapons


The Defence Secretary, John Reid, has said that a decision on whether to replace Trident nuclear weapons will be made in the lifetime of this parliament, ie before 2010. The provides an unique opportunity to make progress towards nuclear disarmament.

Scotland's for Peace is encouraging supporters to lobby MPs - to call for a throughout debate and for no Trident replacement.

Further information on how to help with this campaign is available here (Scottish CND)

The page below summarises the report of the Scotland's for Peace Forum which took place on 17th September 2005. A printer friendly version of the complete forum report can be downloaded.

John Ainslie and Alan Mackinnon


A decision will be made by 2010 and we have a rare opportunity to influence the development of Britain’s nuclear weapons programme. We do not yet know what form ‘son of Trident’ will take, which makes campaigning a bit difficult.

The following main points were made about the best ways to carry the campaign forward:

  • All members of Scotland for Peace should contact their MPs and MSPs about the replacement (or rather, non-replacement) of Trident. Liberal Democrats regarded as a key party to get ‘on side’.
  • Build a picture of what Scotland could look like without Trident. Get the Scottish Parliament to ‘tune in’ to the idea that in replacing Trident we would be binding ourselves closer to America. Scottish Parliament can express a view on Trident, even though it can’t vote not to replace it.
  • Lobby for an Early Day Motion in Westminster against the replacement of Trident.
  • Get local authorities on side - many authorities are declared nuclear-free authorities.
  • Mobilise the churches.
  • Encourage Trades Unions to pass motions against the replacement of Trident - especially those representing workers at Faslane and Coulport.
  • Petition - supported by as many groups as possible - to Westminster Parliament. The UK government should be the main focus of the campaign.

Read the full text of the report on the Workshop.

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