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The Cost of War (page 2 of 3)

In 2003, the USA spent just 0.14 per cent of national income ($16bn) on aid despite promising in 1970 to contribute 0.7 per cent. This figure is put into perspective when compared with the military budget for 2003, which was $450bn.

homes in Fallujah
Afghan aid

Indonesia, the second highest recipient of net overseas aid, spends almost the same sum of money on its military forces as it receives in aid. (7)

From 1998 to 2001, the USA, the UK, and France earned more income from arm sales to developing countries than they gave in aid. (8)

boy with gun
girl and well

The amount the UK set aside for the Iraq war could have been used to provide 5.8 million wells, or 860,000 schools in the developing world. (9)

For the amount the UK set aside for the Iraq war it could have doubled the UK aid budget and reached the UN target for how much aid rich countries need to provide to fight world poverty.