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The Cost of War (page 1 of 3)
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The UK has so far spent £4.9bn on the Iraq war. This money could have provided primary educationfor all the world's children.


Enough money has been spent on the Iraq war by the US government to pay for basic immunisations for every child in the world for 52 years or worldwide hunger efforts for six years.

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Britain is falling short of the promised contribution to aid of 0.7 per cent of national income. Currently only 0.34 per cent is allocated for aid whereas 6 per cent (£27bn) is spent on defence.

AIDS ribbon

The American cost of war could have funded worldwide AIDS programmes for 15 years. (4)


The World Health Organisation has identified an urgent funding gap of $2bn needed to achieve the internationally-agreed target of ensuring 3 million people with HIV are receiving treatments by the end of this year. The expenditure of Britain alone on the Iraq war could have met these costs three times over.


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