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Views of Labour MSPs on Trident renewal
vote on a Motion calling on the UK Government not to renew Trident (14 June 2007)
5 Labour MSPs voted for this motion, 39 abstained & 2 were not present

Detailed Summary
Wendy Alexander Abstained
Jackie Baillie Abstained
Richard Baker Abstained
Sarah Boyack Abstained
Rhona Brankin Abstained
Claire Baker Abstained
Bill Butler Voted for motion
(ie against Trident renewal)
Malcolm Chrisholm Voted for motion
(ie against Trident renewal)
Cathie Craigie Abstained
Margaret Curran Abstained
Helen Eadie Not present
Patricia Ferguson Abstained
George Foulkes Abstained
Karen Gillon Abstained
Marlyn Glen Voted for motion
(ie against Trident renewal)
Trish Godman Abstained
Charlie Gordon Abstained
Rhoda Grant Abstained
Iain Gray Abstained
Hugh Henry Abstained
Cathy Jamieson Abstained
James Kelly Abstained
Andy Kerr Abstained
Johann Lamont Abstained
Marilyn Livingstone Abstained
Frank McAveety Not present
Tom McCabe Abstained
Jack McConnell Abstained
Lewis Macdonald Abstained
Kenneth MacIntosh Abstained
Paul Martin Abstained
Michael McMahon Abstained
Duncan MacNeil Abstained
Pauline MacNeill Abstained
Des McNulty Abstained
Mary Mulligan Abstained
Elaine Murray Abstained
Irene Oldfather Abstained
John Park Abstained
Peter Peacock Abstained
Cathy Peattie Voted for motion
(ie against Trident renewal)
Richard Simpson Abstained
Elaine Smith Voted for motion
(ie against Trident renewal)
David Stewart Abstained
Karen Whitefield Abstained
David Whitton Abstained