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Lib Dem

Willie Rennie

Against the proposal to replace Trident
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- say what you think about the Government's plans for nuclear weapons in Scotland. If you include your postal address then you should get a reply.


Trident debate 14 June 2007
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Views on nuclear weapons:

Willie Rennie was previously an MP at Westminter:

December 2009 - Signed EDM 144 calling for a Nuclear Weapons Convention .

2009 - Signed EDM 660 calling for a delay in the Initial Gate of Trident Replacement.

14 March 2007 - Voted against the Government motion which called for the renewal of Trident. Speech

November 2006 - Replied to survey -

"Thank you for contacting me about the replacement of Trident.  I support the position of the Liberal Democrats' working group on Trident whose proposals will be debated at the Liberal Democrat spring conference in Harrogate in March.  These include:


  • Retaining the current Trident system but cutting Britain’s nuclear weapons by half, retaining only up to 100 warheads.
  • Extending the life span of the current Trident system and keeping options open on a final decision until at least 2014 in order to allow a clearer picture to develop with regard to nuclear proliferation and to threats to Britain, its neighbours and allies.
  • Using the cut in warheads to kick-start multilateral disarmament talks and sending a strong signal to non-nuclear weapons states that Britain takes its obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty seriously.
  • A presumption in favour of the most cost effective replacement for the current Trident system being a submarine system based on the Trident missile of 3 boats carrying no more than 24 warheads each.

"I believe that this gives Britain the best chance of influencing and working towards disarmament on a global scale.  Cutting our arsenal in half would signal a strong commitment from Britain that nuclear disarmament is firmly on the agenda and that we are prepared to act first.


"It is important to keep an eye on the worldwide strategic situation, particularly with the danger of North Korea and Iran building nuclear weapons over the next decade.


The Defence Select Committee of which I am a member has already said that we do not need to make the decision yet as to whether Trident should be replaced and I believe that we should wait until we have a clearer idea of the international situation."

Trident debate 21 December 2006
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Trident debate September 2006:
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Trident debate May 2006:

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Supported the following other motions on nuclear weapons::
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