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  MSP for North East Scotland  

Lib Dem

Alison MacInnes

Opposed to the renewal of Trident and new nuclear power stations
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- say what you think about the Government's plans for nuclear weapons in Scotland. If you include your postal address then you should get a reply.

Replied to survey in 2011:

Question 1. The Scottish Parliament should continue to call on the UK government not to go ahead with the current proposal to replace Trident.
- Yes

Question 2. The Scottish Parliament should call on the UK government to cease the deployment of Trident
- Yes

Question 3. The Scottish Parliament should support a Nuclear Weapons Convention (a global ban on nuclear weapons).
- Yes

Question 4. Are you for or against the construction of new nuclear power stations in Scotland ?
- Against

"I am firmly against the construction of new nuclear power stations in Scotland, indeed anywhere in UK.

"There are  3 main reasons for my opposition to nuclear power.

  • safety:  there is as yet no solution for dealing with long term waste - it is therefore reckless of this generation to continue blindly producing highly radio-active spent fuel without knowing how to dispose of it safely.
    The mining of raw materials poses health risks for miners.
    While the likelihood of a complete systems failure is low, the fact is that our vulnerability to such a failure is extremely high - and i do not believe that we should accept the overall risk.
  • inflexibility of nuclear power industry -  the costs to develop new power stations  are so high that it would set us on a pattern of energy production that would preclude investment in other greener energies.
  • international security - if we pursue the agenda we cannot deny other countries that opportunity,  yet safety levels might be more likely to be compromised."
Trident debate 14 June 2007
Voted for motion, which opposed the renewal of Trident
Views on nuclear weapons:
Trident debate 21 December 2006
Only elected in May 2007
Trident debate September 2006:
Only elected in May 2007

Trident debate May 2006:

Only elected in May 2007

Supported the following other motions on nuclear weapons::
Constituency in 2007/2011 Parliament - North East Scotland