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Vote Out Trident - 2010 General Election
Dumbartonshire West
Labour Party Candidate.
(The Labour party are in favour of replacing Trident - more)
Gemm Doyle
Does not support unilateral disarmament
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Alternatively, you can send a letter or postcard to:

- say what you think about the Government's plans for nuclear weapons in Scotland. If you include your postal address then you should get a reply.

Replied to a constituent:

" I want a world with no nuclear weapons as many other people do. On that basis I believe we have two choices, we can get rid of our own weapons and hope that others follow suit, or we can work for multilateral disarmament through negotiation with other countries.

I believe multilateral disarmament is the best way forward and with Obama in the White House (and as you mention, the recent agreement between America and Russia) I think we have the best chance of making progress that we have had for years. The Labour Party is committed to working for a world free of nuclear weapons, through multilateral disarmament.

The MP for this area must recognise the large number of people in this constituency who either work at the base, or whose job is dependent on the base. Whatever happens in regard to our nuclear deterrent, the base must have a future and as such last year’s announcement that the Royal Navy’s entire submarine fleet will be based there was a huge boost for the area."