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Vote Out Trident - 2010 General Election
Kilmarnock and Loudon
Labour Party Candidate.
(The Labour party are in favour of replacing Trident - more)
Cathy Jamieson MSP
Opposed to Trident replacement
If you are a constituent then please email

Alternatively, you can send a letter or postcard to:
32a Grange St, Kilmarnock, KA1 2DD

- say what you think about the Government's plans for nuclear weapons in Scotland. If you include your postal address then you should get a reply.

Replied to a letter from Scotland's for Peace saying that she would vote against the replacement of Trident-

"I have signed up to Parliamentarians for Nuclear Non Proliferation and Disarmament. I made my opposition to nuclear weapons clear to Labour Party members in Kilmarnock and Loudoun during the recent selection process".


As an MSP, Cathy Jamieson voted against SNP and Green motions opposing Trident Replacement in 2006. She abstained in the vote in June 2007. More.