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Orkney & Shetland

Alistair Carmichael MP

Lib Dem

Against the proposal to replace Trident
If you are a constituent then please email

Alternatively, you can send a letter to your MP at their constituency office:

31 Broad Street, Kirkwall, Orkney, KW15 1DH

- say what you think about the Government's plans for nuclear weapons in Scotland. If you include your postal address then you should get a reply.
Views on nuclear weapons:

23 March 2010 - Replied to a letter from Scotland's for Peace saying "it is hard to see how we can afford to replace the Trident deterrent with anything on the same scale". - letter

2009 - Signed EDM 660 calling for a delay in the Initial Gate of Trident Replacement.

14 March 2007 - Voted against the Government motion which called for the renewal of Trident. Speech

2006/07 response to letters:

"need to create the climate in which multilateral disarmament can take place"

"I am less than convinced that the Government will fully take on board the arguments against replacing Trident", and "A serious look at the wider costs of Trident and its replacement must form part of the debate".

2005 - Supported EDMs 1113 and 1197 calling for a debate on Trident Replacement

Deputy Chief Whip