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Fife North East

Sir Menzies Campbell MP

Lib Dem

Against a "like-for-like" Trident for Trident. Chairing a Lib Dem review of nuclear weapon policy (Dec 2009)
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North East Fife Liberal Democrats, 16 Millgate, Cupar,
Fife, KY15 5EG

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Views on nuclear weapons:

Led a Lib Dem review of nuclear weapons policy in 2009/10 which argued against a like-for-like replacement for Trident.

Menzies Campbell's office replied to a letter from Scotland's for Peace saying -

"At present, it is Liberal Democrat policy to vote against a like-for-like replacement of Trident adn Sir Menzies himself is currently undertaking a Trident Review for the Lib Dems".


December 2009 - Signed EDM 144 calling for a Nuclear Weapons Convention .

2009 - Signed EDM 1883 calling for Trident to be included in the Defence Review. Signed EDM 660 calling for a delay in the Initial Gate of Trident Replacement.

14 March 2007 - Voted against the Government motion which called for the renewal of Trident

1 March 2007 - Told the Guardian - "If the government puts a motion embodying the proposals that Tony Blair has announced I will lead the Liberal Democrats into the no lobby".

Spring 2007 - Told a BBC survey that he was definitely opposed to the Governments proposal and said: "The government has rushed into this decision."

1 December 2006 - Mr Campbell launched the proposed new Lib Dem policy and said to the press -

"There is a measurable danger that if North Korea and Iran are confirmed over the next decade as nuclear states, they will set in train a course of nuclear proliferation which will materially alter the strategic situation.

"It would be unwise at this time for Britain to abandon its nuclear weapons altogether. But a deterrent of approximately half the current size, and extending the life of the current submarine system, would be sufficient to provide for Britain’s ultimate security until we have more certainty about proliferation.

"As the Defence Select Committee has concluded we can delay making the final decision without wasting billions in the meantime.

"A nuclear weapon-free world is highly desirable. Cutting our stockpile in half would send a strong signal that nuclear disarmament is back on the international agenda and that Britain is prepared to act first.

"Britain could at anytime choose to scrap its nuclear deterrent completely if the strategic situation were to be favourable, and this option remains on the table.

"It is essential we have a debate on all options on this issue of such strategic importance within Parliament and within the country as a whole.

"These proposals will be presented to the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee and the Liberal Democrat conference will have the final say in spring at Harrogate."

November 2006 - Menzies Campbell's office replied to survey asking "does he opposed the upgrading or replacing of Trident ?", and said

"The issue of Trident replacement is an important one. The Lib Dems believe that it is essential Britain press for a new round of multilateral arms reduction talks. For the foreseeable future we believe it necessary to the current minimum nuclear deterrent until sufficient progress has been made towards the global elimination of such weapons. Please be assured that the Liberal Democrats are committed to a full and frank debate on these issues. Sir Menzies Campbell asked the Prime Minister at Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday 22nd November when the white paper outlinning options for replacing, renewing or scrapping the UK's Trident nuclear weapons system would be published. Sir Menzies also asked for an assurance that there would be votes in the Commons the options. Mr Blair confirmed that the White Paper would be published by the end of the year and that he was sure there would be a vote on the issue"

2005 - Supported EDM 1113 calling for a debate on Trident replacement