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Paisley & Renfrewshire South

Douglas Alexander MP


Voted to Support Trident upgrading and replacement
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2014 Mile End Mill, Abbey Mill Business Centre, Seedhill Road,
Paisley, PA1 1JS

- say what you think about the Government's plans for nuclear weapons in Scotland. If you include your postal address then you should get a reply.
Views on nuclear weapons:

Shadow secretary of state for work and pensions in the Labour Shadow Cabinet.

Replied to letter from Scotland's for Peace -

"in the uncertain world we live in, I believe we still need our independent deterrent.

"Our decisions on our deterrent will always be based on national security and multilateral discussions, but we also remain committed to the objective of a world free of nuclear weapons. We are proud of our record in reducing our warheads by almost half compared to the last Conservative government's plans.

"We would look at further reductions as part of international discussions this summer - we are looking at whether we could reduce the fleet of missile-carrying submarines from four to three - as well as working with allies to strengthen international defences against the threat of nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorists, and setting clear global standards for safe development of civil nuclear power"

14 March 2007 - voted for the Government motion which called for the renewal of Trident

4 December 2006 - Defended the Government's decision to upgrade and replace Trident on Newsnight Scotland

2006 - Response to survey on Trident replacement was that he does not respond to surveys and questionnaires