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Election 2011

Scottish Socialist Party

(See below for policy on nuclear power)

Scottish Socialist Part policy on Trident nuclear weapons

The SSP will campaign for -

"The removal of all nuclear weapons from Scotland."

"A nuclear-free Scotland that is outside of NATO."

"A skills diversification programme involving the Scottish Trades Union Congress, in preparation for the future
decommissioning of Scotland’s nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons bases."

"The transportation of nuclear warheads on Scotland’s roads, railways and waterways to be prohibited."

(SSP Manifesto 2011)

Scottish Socialist Party policy on nuclear power

The SSP will campaign for:

"Resistance to the building of any new nuclear power plants in Scotland, and the setting of a clear timetable for the decommissioning of existing nuclear power stations."

"A ban on the transportation of nuclear materials on Scotland’s roads and railways."

(SSP Manifesto 2011)