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(See below for policy on nuclear power)

Solidarity policy on Trident nuclear weapons

Statement from Solidarity:

"The billions of pounds that will be spent on Trident replacement is money that can and should be invested in public services, in creating jobs, in raising the standard of living of the poorest in our society, thus bridging an income gap that has increased exponentially since 1997 and which is a national disgrace.

"Morally and economically nuclear weapons are unacceptable under any circumstances, which is why Solidarity will continue to demand the removal of all nuclear weapons from Scotland and why we are proud to have participated in blockades and other actions at Faslane."

Solidarity policy on nuclear power

Statement from Solidarity:

"The current situation at the Fukushima power plant in Japan has once again focused the world’s attention on the nuclear industry. With the Japanese Government now admitting that the situation in the plant is at its maximum level of seriousness, parallels are being drawn with the disaster that occurred at the Chernobyl plant in the Ukraine in 1986.

Solidarity believes that other forms or cheaper, safer, energy need to be explored as a matter of priority. We believe Scotland can be at the heart of developing renewable energy as a safer, cheaper alternative to nuclear power."