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2011 Election

Labour Party

(See below for policy on nuclear power)

Labour Party policy on Trident nuclear weapons

In June 2007 most Labour MPS abstained in a vote opposing the replacement of Trident, and a small number voted against Trident replacement. The policy of the previous UK Labour Government was that the Trident nuclear weapon system should be renewed. In the 2010 general election the UK Labour Party Manifesto said "we will maintain our independent nuclear deterrent".

The following Labour Party candidates have said they will opposed the replacement of Trident:



Labour Party policy on nuclear power

The Scottish Labour Party manifesto for 2011 says:

"Any application for consent to new nuclear capacity will be considered on its merits, in terms of safety, environmental impact, the local community and other planning considerations."

In a debate in the Scottish Parliament on 17 January 2008 Labour MSPs, with one exception, voted against a motion which opposed the construction of new nuclear power station. A number of Labour MSPs, including Iain Gray have argued that nuclear is an important part of a mix of sources of power.

The following Labour candidates have indicated that are opposed to new nuclear power stations: