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Election 2011

Scottish Green Party

Scottish Green Part policy on Trident nuclear weapons and nuclear power

The 2011 Scottish election manifesto says:

"Holyrood’s confidence in engaging with international issues has grown gradually but steadily since devolution began. Greens will seek to build on that, developing a truly internationalist Scotland that can show its confidence proudly on the world stage, especially as a Nuclear-Free, Fair Trade country with a commitment to international development.

"We’ll ensure that Scotland rids itself of nuclear once and for all, by closing down existing power stations and blocking new ones, and by ridding Scotland of nuclear weapons.

"Greens remain utterly committed to opposing the renewal of Trident. Weapons of mass destruction have no legitimate place either in Scotland or in global politics. As long as the UK Government continues to operate a nuclear weapons system in Scotland we’ll make use of every power available, including the criminal law, planning, and environmental controls on sources of radiological risk such as warhead transportation."