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Vote Out Trident - 2010 General Election

Scottish National Party

(See below for policy on nuclear power)

SNP policy on Trident nuclear weapons

The SNP Manifesto in the 2011 Scottish election says:

We know Scotland can be a voice for peace and justice in the world
Instead of wars and nuclear weapons we believe Scotland’s contribution to the world should be based on peace, fair trade, sustainability and social justice.

A Scotland that stands taller in the world
... And, because we want Scotland to be a voice for peace and justice in the world, we will protect spending on international development and continue our strong opposition to nuclear weapons

What’s Your Ambition for Scotland?
... freeing Scotland from nuclear weapons

We want Scotland to be seen as a voice for peace and justice in the world. We will continue to support the work of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and his efforts through the Nuclear Weapons Convention to eradicate nuclear, chemical and biological weapons across the planet. Our opposition to the Trident nuclear missile system and its planned replacement remains firm – there is no place for these weapons in Scotland and we will continue to press the UK government to scrap Trident and cancel its replacement.

SNP policy on nuclear power

The SNP manifesto in the Scottish election 2011 says:

We will continue to oppose UK plans for new nuclear power stations.

We are working hard to make Scotland Europe’s green energy powerhouse, so we can make the most of our vast green energy potential and create new jobs


The SNP Scottish Government in the 2007-2011 Parliament said that it was opposed to the construction of new nuclear power stations in Scotland. This approached was welcomed by a majority of all MSPs in a vote in the Scottish Parliament on 17 January 2008.