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Vote Out Trident - 2010 General Election

Scottish National Party

"We will press for the scrapping of Trident nuclear missiles and a halt to their replacement

"We should protect spending on health, education and jobs and instead cut projects like the £100 billion replacement for Trident, the current nuclear deterrent,

"We have a moral objection to nuclear weapons and are firm in our belief that when the UK government is planning cuts in important budgets, they should not be wasting £100 billion on buying a new generation of nuclear bombs. We have been proud to stand alongside Scotland’s faith groups, the STUC and community campaigners in opposition to Trident and its replacement and we will continue to do so."

- SNP Manifesto


"The SNP wants a safer, healthier and wealthier Scotland. We believe nuclear weapons are the wrong choice for a successful Scotland. That's why we won't waste £90 billion on new weapons of mass destruction, when it can be better spent in our schools, hospitals and other public services."
(SNP website)